Shimmer Record Cover

Interview with Shimmer

  “We play VERY loud and it hurts.”   The California-based band, Shimmer, recently put out a new record that has quickly become one of my favorite releases of 2020. I was able to chat with them to discuss how their band started, what influenced this latest record, and (of course) the pedals and gear […]

Acoustic guitarist

Must Have Pedals for Acoustic Guitar

Playing acoustic guitar is an entirely different world than playing electric guitar. But that doesn’t mean an acoustic guitarist can’t experiment within the world of guitar pedals. In fact, having acoustic guitar pedals in your setup can greatly benefit your sound.   Because there are so many guitar pedals to choose from, finding the best […]

vox lil looper

Vox Lil Looper Review

  The Vox Lil Looper features two independent loops that can collectively hold up to 90 seconds of recorded sound, plus a handful of effects built right in. There are 12 total effects including compression, crunch, overdrive, distortion, chorus, phaser, delay, and stutter. There are also four simulation modes that can help transform your guitar’s […]