The Best Amp Sim Pedals

This post may contain affiliate links   The idea of guitar amp simulation has been around for quite some time now, but as technology advances and home studios become more accessible, the quality of guitar amp sim pedals has skyrocketed in the past few years.    Whether you are looking for a direct-in solution for […]

The Best Fuzz Pedals

This post may contain affiliate links The fuzz pedal world is endless. Whether you are seeking out that loud, wall-of-sound guitar tone from the likes of My Bloody Valentine or you’re wanting your guitar solos to scream like those of Jimi Hendrix – a fuzz pedal can get you there.    There are countless amounts […]

The Best Chorus Pedals

This post may contain affiliate links   So you’re looking for a chorus pedal?   Perhaps you’ve been inspired by the resurfacing of the chorus effect in modern music or you’re trying to live out your goth dreams of the 1980s. Either way, a chorus pedal is an awesome effect to add to any pedalboard. […]

the best mini guitar pedals

The Best Mini Guitar Pedals

As technology continues to improve, we are noticing the world shrinking around us. Our cell phones are getting thinner, computers are getting smaller and more powerful, and – most impressively – guitar pedals are getting incredibly small.    That is good news for us pedalboard lovers, because mini guitar pedals allow us to put even […]

the best volume pedals

The Best Volume Pedals

This post may contain affiliate links As you build out your pedalboard, you may be thinking it is time to try out a volume pedal.   Whether you’re wanting to create epic ambient swells by pairing a volume pedal with your favorite delay pedals and reverb pedals or you’re just looking for a hands-free way […]

the best delay pedals

The Best Delay Pedals

This post may contain affiliate links Whether you’re a seasoned guitar player or someone just starting out, there is nothing better than plugging into a delay pedal. Whether you’re playing metal, jazz, ambient music, or plain old rock and roll – a delay pedal makes for a great addition to any guitar player’s pedalboard. But […]