Review: Fuzz Peaks by Adventure Audio

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From the moment I saw the Fuzz Peaks by Adventure Audio, I knew I needed to have it. The X Files, Twin Peaks, a Black Russian Big Muff fuzz clone, and a monetary feedback/noise button? count me in.


As a pedal, it is offers a handful of tweak-able fuzz and distortion tones – all housed in an incredibly durable, all metal enclosure.

Fuzz Peaks 1
My first impression of the Fuzz Peaks was its versatility. With its buffered clean blend knob, and a secondary clean output option, this pedal works incredibly well for both guitar and bass – hell, you could probably run a synth through this thing and make it sound huge.
I have used the Fuzz Peaks for just about a year at this point. I have played a number of shows with this pedal, and have taken it on a fairly hefty amount of tours in the last year. Aside from one of the knobs losing its chrome cap, this pedal has stood the test of time.

Fuzz Peaks 3

What Does the Adventure Audio Fuzz Peaks Have to Offer?

The Fuzz Peaks is a fuzz pedal with an enormous amount of settings and options available. I have been able to get humongous, chest beating fuzz tones with it, but I have also been able to cut the sustain (fuzz peaks) down – almost off – and have used it for a nice overdrive type distortion pedal as well.

Let’s take a look at the Fuzz Peak’s features:

Monetary Feedback Footswitch

This footswitch is a lot of fun. Pushing it creates some pretty insane feedback sounds. The feedback’s tone can be adjusted using the pedal’s “Spectrum” knob.


 The Behave Knob

This knob can be used to increase the amount of presence behind your tone.


The Twilight Zone Switch

This toggle switch will add or remove the internal clipping diodes from the circuit, allowing you to have more or less aggressive sustain within your tone. This switch makes this fuzz pedal a great option for a bass players.


The Unaffected Knob

Just as it sounds, the “unaffected” knob acts as a blend knob on this fuzz pedal. It will help you retain your highs and lows so the mids and the fuzz can easily cut through the mix.


The Parallel Clean Out Output

Perhaps one of my favorite features of the Adventure Audio Fuzz Peaks is the “clean out” output on the left-hand side of the pedal. This creates a whole new world of versatility from this pedal. I have used this to run a bi amp setup, and have also used it to split the signal chain on my pedalboard. I am sure there are a ton of unique ways to utilize this feature alone – if you have an idea, I’m all ears!


What Does the Fuzz Peaks Sound Like?

If I had to compare the Fuzz Peaks’s tone to another pedal, I would have to say it comes pretty close to my Black Russian Big Muff – which makes since, because that’s what Adventure Audio seemed to be shooting for when the Fuzz Peaks was designed. However, if I had to choose, I would have to go with the Fuzz Peaks by Adventure Audio. It has the ability to create the same “wall of sound” fuzz tones that we all know and love, without becoming lost in the mix like some of the other muff clones that I have encountered.
Furthermore, I have noticed that dialing back the “Fuzz Peaks” (sustain) knob on the pedal can create some seriously beautiful distortion tones

Here is a Fuzz Peaks Demo Video from Adventure Audio

Overall Rating of the Fuzz Peaks

I would give the Fuzz Peaks a 5/5 rating – based on the sheer versatility of the pedal. I have pushed it through multiple amplifiers (both guitar and bass rigs), and have ran it into a biamp situation (spoiler alert – it rocked). Overall, for the price, the Fuzz Peaks is a must-have for any boutique fuzz pedal nerds.