chroma console pedal hologram electronics

Hologram Electronics reveal the Chroma Console

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The latest addition to the Hologram lineup looks amazing!

chroma console pedal hologram electronics

The Chroma Console is a multi-effect pedal that is packed with 20 different effects across four rearrangeable effect modules.

Character Module:

  • Drive – Tube-like drive ranging from warm preamp tones to full overdrive.
  • Sweeten – Preamp that adds EQ, compression, and saturation.
  • Fuzz – Dynamic Vintage voiced fuzz
  • Howl – Resonant fuzz filter effect
  • Swell – Envelope-triggered volume swells.

Movement Module

  • Doubler – Stereo double-tracking effect
  • Vibrato – Lush pitch modulation effect
  • Phaser – Vintage voiced classic phaser sound
  • Tremolo – Tremolo effect
  • Pitch – -1 octave to +1 octave pitch shifter

Diffusion Module

  • Cascade – Bucket brigade inspired delay effect
  • Reels – Delay effect inspired by a well-worn tape echo
  • Space – Reverb effect that blends between 5 different reverb sounds
  • Collage – A wild, spontaneous looping delay
  • Reverse – Reverse delay with variable playback speed and pitch.

Texture Module

  • Filter – Multi-mode filter effect
  • Squash – Compression and overdrive
  • Cassette – Wow, flutter, warble, tape degradation, and pitch artifacts
  • Broken – Pitch drops and amplitude/frequency modulation
  • Interference – Adds a layer of musical disturbance to your signal

Each of these four effect modules can be rearranged to create a near-infinite world of different sounds.


The Chroma Console is also packed with incredible features, including:

  • Stereo Input/Output
  • Sophisticated Input Level Calibration
  • The ability to record knob movements with GESTURE
  • Sustain and loop audio with the CAPTURE feature
  • Bypass Foot Switch Customization
  • Configurable Filter Effect (Tilt, Lowpass, or Highpass)
  • 80 User Presets
  • MIDI In/Out/Thru, clock synchronization
  • True Bypass Switching/Buffered Bypassed with trails
  • Tap Tempo, which can sync time-based effects as well as modulation effects


Learn more about the Chroma Console over on the Hologram Electronics website.