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Review: Drive Core Deluxe Boost/Overdrive Pedal by Nux Pedals

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Have you ever been browsing through guitar pedal Instagram accounts and had a pedal catch your eye? This is exactly what happened to us when we came across the Drive Core Deluxe by Nux Pedals. I had not heard of Nux Pedals, but something about the Drive Core Deluxe pedal stuck with me. Maybe it was the color, or the mixable boost & overdrive settings, or its incredibly low price tag – I’m not sure what it was, but I had to have it.

The Drive Core Deluxe by Nux Pedals is primarily a clean boost guitar pedal, with an option to switch it to a lush, bluesy overdrive pedal. The clean boost functions as a standard clean boost. Providing a gorgeous, ultra-transparent signal boost. The drive side offers a variety of drive options, but even the overdrive remains very clear and does not mud-out your tone at all. Which is a great characteristic for an overdrive pedal to have. Plus, if you can’t decide between the two channels, this pedal also has a “mix” setting to blend the boosted and overdriven signals – allowing you to create a massive amount of tones for whatever style of guitar playing you need. Overall, This mix feature allows for a great deal of versatility in this tiny stompbox. So, let’s check out the Drive Core Deluxe by Nux Pedals.

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Looking at the pedal, it has four knobs on its face. Clean Boost, Drive (with a bass boost), Tone, and (of course) Level. Pretty straightforward! But here is where it gets interesting.

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Key Features

At first glance, the drive knob operates as your standard gain knob. However, Nux Pedal’s Drive Core Deluxe offers an onboard bass boost option which can be selected by pressing down on the drive knob. Allowing this pedal to open a whole new world of amazing, warm, and heavy overdrive sounds, sure to rattle the paintings off of the walls.

Another interesting feature on the Nux Pedal Drive Core Deluxe is the Boost/Mix/Drive switch. This allows you to decide what side of the pedal you want to use – the clean boost or the cranked-sounding overdrive. If you can’t decide, simply switch it to the “mix” setting and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Overall, the Drive Core Deluxe by Nux Pedals is a very affordable and unique boost/overdrive pedal that has an entire arsenal of options onboard. The perfect pedal for just about any guitar player out there! If you are looking for a pedal that will give you more headroom when you need it, definitely look into picking one of these up!


The Nux Pedal Drive Core Deluxe is available here on Amazon



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