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The Best Power Supplies for your Pedalboard

When putting together your pedalboard, one of the hardest parts can be choosing the right way to power your pedals from the endless sea of pedalboard power supplies.


The truth is, every pedalboard is different. And depending on how many pedals you have on your pedalboard, and how much current (or power) they need in order to work – the power supply you need may be different than what someone else needs. 


And depending on the number of pedals on your pedalboard, and how much power they need – the pedalboard power supply that is best for you can be a very personal choice.


Below we have put together a list of what we consider to be the best pedalboard power supplies on the market today. All of them are high-quality, isolated power supplies – so be sure to check out the pros and cons listed under each power supply to find which one is right for you.


The Best Pedalboard Power Supplies



The DC7 power supply from CIOKS is an extremely versatile, low-profile power supply that can integrate well within any pedalboard system. The DC7 features 7 isolated DC outlets that each put out 6 watts of power. And each output can be switched between 9v, 12v, 15v, and 18v – ensuring that the DC7 can power virtually any pedal on your pedalboard.

cioks dc7

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The CIOKS DC7 can also be expanded using CIOKS’ DC4 or DC8 expanders. These expanders provide an extra 4 or 8 power outputs, respectively, and are powered directly by the DC7 – meaning you don’t need an extra power cable going to the wall. 



  • Switchable output voltages ensure it can power any combination of pedals
  • Can be expanded using CIOKS’ DC4 and DC8 expansions
  • Housed in a low-profile enclosure that fits under most pedalboards
  • Can be used anywhere in the world


  • Price. The DC7 is one of the more expensive power supplies.

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Truetone CS7 1 Spot Pro

The Truetone CS7 is a fantastic, budget-friendly power supply for beginners and professionals alike. The CS7 provides 7 isolated power outputs to power your pedalboard. This power supply has six 9v power outputs (4 of which can provide up to 12v) and the final output is a dedicated 18v line to power any high-current pedals.

cs7 1 spot pro truetone

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  • Price. The CS7 1 Spot Pro is one of the most affordable isolated power supplies
  • Can be used anywhere in the world


  • Outputs have dedicated output voltages, which may limit the ability to use more than one 18v pedal. Most pedals are 9v though, so this is not a big issue.

Pro Tip: Truetone also makes a CS6 and a CS12 version of the 1 Spot Pro.

  • The CS6 1 Spot Pro is a slightly smaller version that powers up to 6 pedals (perfect for smaller pedalboards).
  • The CS12 1 Spot Pro can power up to 12 pedals at once, which is a great option for powering a larger pedalboard.


Strymon Zuma

Strymon is known in the pedal world for its excellent design, and the Zuma is no exception. The Zuma offers 9 high-current, fully isolated outputs – 7 of which are 9v outputs, and the other 2 outputs are switchable between 9v, 12v, and 18v.

strymon zuma

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The Strymon Zuma can also be expanded using Strymon’s Ojai extension. The Ojai adds five additional outputs to your power supply setup.



  • The two switchable 9-18v outputs ensure you can power any pedal
  • Can be expanded using the Ojai expander
  • Has automatic international power compatibility built-in


  • Price. The Zuma is one of the more expensive power supplies


Voodoo Lab PedalPower 3


The PedalPower 3 from Voodoo Lab is a high current, 8-output isolated power supply. All 8 outputs can be run at 9v, but two of them can be switched to 12v to help power any 12v pedals on your pedalboard.

pedalpower 3 voodoo lab

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The PedalPower 3 can also be expanded using Voodoo Labs’ X4 Expander, which adds 4 additional 9v outputs to your power supply.


MXR Iso-Brick

The Iso-Brick from MXR is the most budget-friendly isolated power supply on the list but is a fantastic option for a smaller pedalboard. The Iso-Brick has a total of 5 outputs – all of them can be run at 9v, but one can be switched to 18v.

mxr iso brick

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  • Price. The Iso-Brick is one of the most affordable isolated power supplies on the market
  • The small size ensures it can fit anywhere on, or under, your pedalboard


  • Can only power 5 pedals at a time. 

We hope this helps you find what you need. Best of luck on your pedal-powering journey!



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