slice of pie with box big ear pedals tone mob

Big Ear Pedals & The Tone Mob Release The First Ever Pizza Shaped Fuzz Pedal

Pizza and Fuzz… There is no better combination. 


And there is no better person to create a pizza-shaped guitar pedal than podcaster and pizza-enthusiast, Blake Wyland of The Tone Mob Podcast


Blake from The Tone Mob Podcast teamed up with Big Ear Pedals to create the SLICE OF PIE fuzz, and it looks delicious incredible. 

slice of pie with box big ear pedals tone mob

“the world’s first-ever fuzz pedal made to look just like a slice of pizza… that is also a fuzz pedal! And just like a good slice, this fuzz is huge! Like, so big you’ll need two paper plates!“ 


Like many fuzz pedals, the SLICE OF PIE has three mini knobs on the front to control gain, tone, and volume. As you may have guessed, the circuit is based on a Big Muff Pi – it is a modified Triangle Big Muff. 

big ear pedals tone mob slice of pie front and back

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Not a fan of pepperoni pizza-inspired fuzz pedals? That’s okay… they’ve also created a cheese-only version of the SLICE OF PIE Fuzz

cheese slice of pie big ear pedals tone mob

For more information on the SLICE OF PIE fuzz, head over to the Big Ear Pedals website.


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