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Catalinbread Release the Sinkhole, Modulated Reverb Pedal

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Pure ethereal bliss.


Catalinbread Effects has just announced the release of their latest reverb pedal, the Sinkhole.

catalinbread sinkhole


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What is the Sinkhole from Catalinbread Effects?

The Sinkhole is a modulated reverb pedal that utilizes a four-voice chorus effect to produce a deep, modulated reverb sound.


Catalinbread says this is “perhaps their most ethereal reverb unit to date“, and its unique modulated reverb sounds make it the perfect tool for creating ambiance, textures, and washed-out shoegaze tones.


Catalinbread Sinkhole Controls

catalinbread sinkhole controls

The Sinkhole has a simple, yet versatile set of controls:

FDBCK Knob: Dual function knob; adjusts the amount of feedback in the chorus circuit while controlling the depth of the chorus.

MOD Knob: Controls the rate of the chorus effect.

VERB Knob: Feeds a variable amount of signal from the output back into the middle of the circuit, boosting midrange and creating saturation.

MIX Knob: Wet-Dry Blend.

VOL Knob: Adjusts the gain of the onboard preamp.

Internal Switch: Change between True Bypass and Buffered Bypass.


Catalinbread Sinkhole Specs:

  • Optional True Bypass / Buffered Bypass switching.
  • Power: 9-18V DC with at least 100mA of current.
  • Input Impedance: 160K ohms.
  • Output Impedance: 18.4K ohms.


You can purchase the Sinkhole Modulated Reverb now on

Head over to the Catalinbread website to learn more about the Sinkhole.