Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo

Zeppelin Design Labs Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo Review

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A harmonic tremolo pedal that offers tap tempo, optional momentary bypass switching, up to 15dB of boost, and user-adjustable crossover frequency settings sounds like a dream. Well, the Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo Pedal is the latest from Zeppelin Design Labs, and it is making that dream a reality.

The Quaverato can be used as a harmonic tremolo or a classic tremolo pedal with just the flick of a switch. This allows the pedal to be used in a multitude of different ways, depending on your preference. If that is not enough, Zeppelin Design Labs has included internal trim pots and dip switches to take the customization even further. If you still aren’t pleased, Zeppelin Design Labs has used open-source software to design this pedal, and encourages Arduino users to ‘hack’ the software to make the pedal their own!


The Quaverato can be purchased as a ready-to-play pedal ($189), but it is also made available in a DIY kit ($89), allowing you to build the pedal yourself. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to learn how to make guitar pedals.



Quaverato Harmonic Tremolo Features

Let’s take a deeper look at the controls of the Quaverato – strap in because there is a lot!

When you look at the face of this tremolo pedal you will see seven knobs, two toggle switches, and two soft touch footswitches. Let’s check out what these are all about.

Depth: This knob alters the level of the tremolo effect.


Multiplier: The multiplier works with the tap tempo footswitch. You can easily tap in your desired tremolo tempo using the footswitch, and then the Quaverato will multiply the tremolo’s pulse based on the ratio selected.


Wave Shape: This knob allows you to change between the five different tremolo waveshapes available from the Quaverato.


Volume: This knob changes the output volume coming from the pedal. The Quaverato offers up to 15dB of gain, allowing it to even function as a standalone boost pedal (if you turn the tremolo depth knob completely down).


Rate: Changes the rate or speed of the tremolo.


Spacing: This knob changes the modulation waveform cycle, which creates some very interesting tremolo sounds.


Harmonic Mix: This knob allows you to independently change the modulation depth of the high and low frequencies of the harmonic tremolo.


Phase Toggle Switch: This is where you can choose between harmonic or classic tremolo. In the “Out” position, the high and low tremolo frequencies cycle out of phase from each other – creating a dynamic, almost vibrato, sound. When switched to “In” the Quaverato functions as a classic tremolo pedal.


Mode Toggle Switch: The Mode toggle switch allows you to select how the bypass (on/off) footswitch works. You can select the momentary (Mom.) setting, and the tremolo effect will only turn on when the footswitch is being held down. If you choose the toggle setting (Tog.) then the pedal will stay engaged when clicked – just like a standard pedal.


Tap Tempo: Tap in your desired tremolo rate with this footswitch. As said above, this works in conjunction with the Multiplier knob, allowing you to tap in some interesting tempos very easily.


Internal Controls:

The Quaverato also features two dip switches and three trim pots inside of the pedal itself. These allow for even further tone customization. The two dip switches allow you to adjust the cutoff frequencies of the harmonic tremolo, allowing you to explore a whole new world of tonal possibilities. You can consult the online Owner’s Manual to see Zeppelin Design Labs’ preferred dip switch settings. 


Inside of the pedal, there are also three trim pots that you can use to customize the pedal. Two of these allow you to adjust the volume of the low and high frequencies of the pedal independently. These are great for fine-tuning the pedal’s sound to fit within your ideal tone.


The third internal trim pot allows you to adjust the output gain of the pedal. As mentioned above, the Quaverato is capable of outputting 15dB of boost. This internal trim pot allows you to clinically dial in the volume of this pedal. Be careful with this trim pot though! If you turn it too high up you will end up with too much distortion.

Overall Thoughts on the Quaverato

The Quaverato from Zeppelin Design Labs is a beast of a tremolo pedal. With the ability to use this pedal as a harmonic tremolo or a classic tremolo, coupled with the near-endless amount of customization, there is a lot of potential within this pedal. Zeppelin Design Labs have made this pedal incredibly accessible to beginners and pedal nerds alike, and the price couldn’t be more attractive!


This is a fantastic tremolo pedal to add to your arsenal!


You can learn more about Zeppelin Design Labs or to buy the Quaverato, go here!