Review of the Serenity Reverb from Midnight 30 Music

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The Serenity Reverb pedal from Midnight 30 Music is a pedal that has been on my wish list for a while, but I had never pulled the trigger on picking one up. However, I was lucky enough to be following Tone Snob Pedalboards on Instagram, and saw that they were selling one of these – I knew I needed to finally pick one up!


If you are a fan of reverb pedals, the Serenity Reverb from Midnight 30 Music should definitely be on your radar.

The Serenity Reverb is a two-part reverb pedal with a ton of tonal capabilities.  This is a truly beautiful option for anyone in need of a new reverb pedal.


About the Serenity Reverb Pedal

Serenity Reverb Midnight 30 Music

On the left side is the “bypass” switch, which turns the pedal on or off. When this is turned on, the pedal acts as a simple one-knob reverb – controlled by the “reverb” knob – which allows you to dial in the exact amount of reverb that you are looking for. This really emulates a spring reverb that you would find in an old guitar amp. Very subtle, but it sounds fantastic, and can get pretty washed out the more you turn it up!

However, the right side of the pedal really unlocks a whole new world of reverb options – The Ghost, which really adds a new uniqueness to this pedal. This second footswitch brings three new setting options into the mix – Tone, Feedback, and (of course) Ghost. The “Ghost” lets out the eerie, haunting undertones of the pedal. Allowing the player to let out gorgeous, washed out reverb tones with the push of a button.


Let’s look at these settings in depth:


Serenity Reverb Controls

Tone: The “Tone” knob on the Serenity Reverb controls how bright or dark the voice of the Ghost is.

Feedback: This knob controls the “feedback” of the Ghost side of the Serenity Reverb. This knob ranges anywhere from a short decay to a drawn-out, self-oscillating reverb. This is where the Ghost really starts to come out.

Ghost: The “Ghost” knob of the Serenity Reverb controls the amount of Ghost coming from the pedal. Midnight 30 Music says to refer to this as a second Feedback knob. Which really allows the player to lash out even more haunting, drawn-out reverb from the pedal. Cranking this knob with the “Feedback” knob turns this pedal into a self-oscillating noise machine.

serenity reverb controls


Overall Thoughts on the Serenity Reverb by Midnight 30 Music

This is truly an amazing reverb pedal, and can bring a whole new world of versatility to a board. I have found myself leaving the Serenity Reverb on almost constantly, with the “reverb” level at about noon. This setting is just subtle enough to bring in a bit of reverb, without getting too carried away. Then if I’m trying to get really dreamy, I will kick on the “ghost” side of the pedal and slip into a soundscape-induced, hauntingly-deep sleep.

Be sure to go check out Midnight 30 Music’s website! They are making some fantastic pedals!