thorpyfx boneyard fuzz

ThorpyFX Release THE BONEYARD Fuzz

The UK’s ThorpyFX just released their latest fuzz pedal, THE BONEYARD

thorpyfx boneyard fuzz

The BONEYARD fuzz is ThorpyFX’s take on the iconic Tone Bender. But it’s not just a Tone Bender clone. ThorpyFX wanted to create a pedal that would cover the tones of all Tone Bender variants in one pedal – and after extensive testing and research, the BONEYARD was born. 

thorpyfx boneyard fuzz

This germanium fuzz pedal offers a wide range of Tone Bender-style sounds with an expanded set of controls to shape your tone.


Level Knob: The “Level” knob adjusts the output volume.

Attack Knob: The “Attack” knob adjusts the level of fuzz.

Mode Toggle Switch: The “Mode” switch to change between either two or three transistor fuzz.

Tone Knob: The “Tone” knob lets you dial in your EQ.

Feed Knob: The “Feed” knob acts as a bias knob, allowing you to adjust the voltage supplied to the circuit, resulting in a variety of different fuzz sounds.

Left Footswitch: The Left Footswitch bypasses the Tone knob. Removing the tone knob from the circuit results in a gnarlier, unfiltered fuzz sound.

Right Footswitch: Turns the pedal on/off.


For more information, demos, or to order the BONEYARD, head over to the ThorpyFX website.