Top 10 Weird and Unique Guitar Pedals

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Have you ever been listening to your favorite band and heard their guitar player make a sound on their guitar that you’ve never heard before? Chances are, they used some sort of weird guitar pedals to make it. 


Not only can weird and uncommon guitar pedals help your sound be more interesting to those listening, but they can also be incredibly inspiring because their weirdness forces you to play your guitar differently and think outside the box. 


If you have been on the lookout for some weird guitar effects pedals to add to your pedalboard, we have put together this list of our favorite weird effects pedals for you to check out. 


What are the Weirdest Guitar Pedals?



JPTR FX – Super Weirdo

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Super Weirdo from JPTR FX. Based in Germany, JPTR FX has created a lot of very unique, and weird guitar pedals. Our favorite is the Super Weirdo. It is a unique fuzz pedal that also has a time-based modulation effect within it. Allowing you to create massive, and strange fuzz sounds that you may have never heard before!


JPTR FX Super Weirdo

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Empress Effects – ZOIA

The ZOIA is less of a guitar pedal and more of a full-blown synthesizer and multi-effects unit in one, pedalboard-friendly enclosure. The ZOIA is a true advancement in guitar pedal design and definitely one of the weirdest guitar pedals ever made. But despite its steep learning curve, the ZOIA is a wonderful tool to have in your collection and can really serve as a way to inspire creativity.

empress zoia

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Earthquaker Devices – Data Corrupter

The Data Corrupter is definitely a one-of-a-kind guitar pedal. This is one of the strangest guitar pedals we have ever encountered. The Data Corrupter takes your guitar’s signal and turns it into a square wave fuzz, then that signal is modulated and twisted into a three-voice guitar synthesizer. This pedal is capable of creating some seriously weird sounds!


Data Corrupter

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Adventure Audio – Again


The Again delay from Adventure Audio offers a unique take on the standard delay pedals we see all the time. The Again is a modulated delay pedal, but it is unique because it includes 5 control voltage (CV) jacks that allow you to modulate the pedal’s parameters using devices that output control voltages (like modular synthesizers).

Again PedalView on AdventurePedals.com

Walrus Audio – Janus

The Janus from Walrus Audio lets you take your fuzz and tremolo settings into your own hands – literally. With its two giant joysticks, you can control the tone and depth of your fuzz and the speed of your tremolo in a very unique way. Making this a seriously strange guitar pedal!


Janus Fuzz and trem

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Gamechanger Audio – Plasma Pedal

The Plasma Pedal from Gamechanger Audio is a unique pedal in both its sounds and its looks. The pedal uses a xenon-filled tube to distort your signal, instead of the standard distortion methods, offering some very unique distortion sounds. Not only does it sound great, but the Plasma Pedal has a window on the front of the pedal where you can actually see the xenon tube working! Making it feel like you’re playing a bolt of lightning! 


Plasma Pedal

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Earthquaker Devices – Rainbow Machine

The Rainbow Machine from Earthquaker Devices is definitely a weird guitar pedal! This strange guitar pedal is a pitch-shifting device but is much less musical and more experimental than other pitch-shifting pedals. The Rainbow Machine is truly a unique pedal.


Rainbow Machine

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Dr. Scientist – Atmosphere

The Atmosphere is an incredible reverb pedal. While the Atmosphere sounds like your standard reverb pedal (with a lot of interesting reverb options), it is weird and unique because it has an onboard screen, allowing you to tweak in-depth settings and functions. 


Atmosphere pedal

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Montreal Assembly – 856 for ZELLERSASN

The 856 for ZELLERSASN is a very unique and rare pedal from Montreal Assembly. This pedal is a looper and sample sequencer. It allows you to create a loop and then the pedal creates samples from different parts of the loop – which can then be played back at various speeds and rhythms. This allows you to create some very unique and interesting sounds.


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Chase Bliss Audio – MOOD

The MOOD is a collaboration between Chase Bliss Audio, Drolo FX, and Old Blood Noise Endeavours – three great pedal companies. The MOOD is a very weird delay and looper pedal. This strange pedal is a great tool for ambient or experimental musicians, as it allows you to create very interesting and unique soundscapes. 


MOOD Pedal

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There is a wild and weird world of guitar pedals available, and manufacturers are always working to create new and interesting devices! We hope this has helped you find some new and unique weird guitar pedals to add to your collection!