walrus audio mako series M1 modulation machine pedal

Walrus Audio Unveils New MAKO Series Pedal: M1 High-Fidelity Moduation Machine

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Walrus Audio has just announced their latest addition to their MAKO Series pedals: The M1 High-Fidelity Modulation Machine. It is available for preorder today and is scheduled to ship in mid-February 2022.

walrus audio mako series M1 modulation machine pedal

With a similar form factor to their D1 High-Fidelity Delay, the R1 High-Fidelity Stereo Reverb, and the ACS1 Amp and Cab Simulator, the new M1 packs 6 different studio-quality modulation effects – each with three separate modes – into a pedalboard-friendly enclosure.

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Here’s a look at the modulation effects available within the M1 Modulation Machine:

  • Chorus
    • Traditional Chorus
    • Dual Chorus
    • Tri-Chorus
  • Phaser
    • 2 Stage Phaser
    • 4 Stage Phaser
    • Univibe
  • Tremolo
    • Traditional Tremolo
    • Harmonic Tremolo
    • Pattern Tremolo
  • Vibrato
    • Traditional Vibrato
    • Vinyl Vibrato
    • Tape Vibrato
  • Rotary
    • Traditional Leslie Speaker Rotary
    • Horn Spin, Drum Sound
    • Drum Spin, Horn Sound
  • Filter
    • Lowpass Filter
    • Highpass Filter
    • Bandpass Filter


The knobs on the front of the pedal, including a dedicated ‘lo-fi’ knob, allow you to tweak and tune the modulation effects to your liking – which you can then save to one of the nine preset slots within the M1.

walrus audio m1 outputs

The M1 Modulation Machine also features multiple input and output configurations, including:

  • Mono In/Mono Out
  • Mono In/Stereo Out
  • Stereo In/Stereo Out

This looks to be a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to add high-quality modulation effects to their sound.


For more information on the M1 Modulation Machine or to preorder, head over to the Walrus Audio website.