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Maestro Electronics Release New Line of Pedals, the “Original Collection”

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“Calling All Sonic Sculptors, Your Tools Have Arrived”


Guitar pedal pioneers and makers of the first fuzz pedal, Maestro Electronics, just released a brand new line-up of pedals called “The Original Collection”. 

maestro pedals



The Original Collection features five different pedals:


Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-M: A modern take on the first fuzz pedal ever made, the Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-1

Maestro Invader Distortion: Modern, High Gain Distortion with an optional Gate

Maestro Ranger Overdrive: All-analog overdrive with two selectable modes

Maestro Comet Chorus: All-analog, bucket-brigade chorus with two selectable modes

Maestro Discoverer Delay: All-analog, bucket-brigade delay pedal with optional modulation


Each pedal in The Original Collection utilizes the same form-factor: A pedalboard-friendly enclosure with a simple three-knob layout and a toggle switch that changes between two different modes. 

Here’s a bit more information on each pedal in The Original Collection.


Maestro Fuzz-Tone FZ-M:

In 1962, Maestro introduced the world’s first fuzz pedal, the Fuzz-Tone FZ-1. As part of the Original Collection, Maestro has brought us the Fuzz-Tone FZ-M, which is a more modernized take on the original FZ-1.

Fuzz-Tone FZ-M Controls

Attack – Controls the amount of fuzz

Tone – Adjusts the timbre of your sound

Level – Controls the output volume of the pedal

Toggle Switch – Switches between classic FZ-1 inspired fuzz and a thicker, more modern fuzz


Maestro Invader Distortion:

The Invader Distortion is an analog, high-gain distortion pedal that can create a wide range of distortion sounds. The Invader Distortion also features a built-in noise gate to help bring more clarity to your tone. 

Invader Distortion Controls

Gain – dials in the amount of distortion

Tone – adjusts the high and low frequencies of your sound

Level – controls the output volume of the pedal

Toggle Switch – Turns the noise gate on or off. There is also an internal trim pot to adjust the gate’s threshold

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Maestro Ranger Overdrive

Inspired by the overdrive of classic tube amps, the Ranger Overdrive is an analog overdrive pedal with two distinct modes. 

Ranger Overdrive Controls

Gain – Adjusts the amount of gain

Tone – Controls the high and low frequencies of your tone

Level – Dials in the output level of the pedal

Toggle Switch – Switches between a warm, expressive amp-like overdrive and a cleaner overdrive effect that is more touch-sensitive 


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Maestro Discoverer Delay

The Discoverer Delay is an all-analog, bucket-brigade delay pedal that delivers up to 600 ms of the classic, warm, analog delay sounds that we all know and love.

Discoverer Delay Controls

Delay – Adjusts the delay time (20-600 ms)

Mix – Dials in how prominent the delay sound is 

Sustain – Controls the number of repeats

Toggle Switch – Turns the optional modulation on or off.


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Maestro Comet Chorus


The Comet Chorus is an analog chorus pedal that utilizes bucket-brigade technology to bring you classic, warm chorus sounds. The different modes offer anything from subtle chorus to full-blown modulation reminiscent of a rotary speaker.

Comet Chorus Controls

Depth – Adjusts the depth of the chorus

Mix – Dials in how prominent the chorus effect is within the signal

Speed – Adjusts the modulation rate

Toggle Switch – Switches between a classic chorus effect (Earth mode) and a chorus effect with amplitude modulation that simulates the sound of a rotary speaker (Orbit mode). There is also an internal trim pot that allows you to adjust the level of the rotary speaker effect.


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Overall, this is quite exciting news from the Maestro Electronics team. For more information on the Original Collection, head over to the Maestro website.