ehx nano pulsar

Electro Harmonix Introduce Nano Pulsar Stereo Tremolo

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Electro Harmonix has shrunken down their Stereo Pulsar tremolo pedal in this new, smaller version – the Nano Pulsar Variable Shape Stereo Tremolo.

ehx nano pulsar tremolo

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This compact tremolo pedal features a mono input with stereo outputs, and the ability to switch between triangle or square wave tremolo sounds. The added Shape control lets you further change the waveshape of the tremolo effect.

The Rate and Depth knobs work as you would expect, the Rate knob controls the tremolo’s speed and the Depth knob adjusts the amount of tremolo applied to your signal. Dialing in these knobs can take you anywhere from subtle tremolo to full-blown ring-modulation-like sounds. 

For more information on the Nano Pulsar, head over to the EHX website.