Leppælæ Electronics Release SÄRÖ Treble Booster

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Leppælæ Electronics just released their latest pedal into the world, SÄRÖ

saro treble booster

Inspired by the guitar tones of the classic rock world, Leppælæ Electronics started studying the possibilities of a treble booster pedal – since it was used so widely in that realm of music to achieve gnarly, gritty, overdriven guitar sounds. 


But SÄRÖ is not your ordinary treble booster – even though its frequency response sits in that area. After spending some time designing the circuit, Leppælæ Electronics found that they could squeeze two classic overdrive sounds – inspired by two iconic classic rock guitar amplifiers – into one pedal. 

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The two overdrive sounds can be switched between using the “Thin/Thick” switch. 


Thin/Thick Switch:

Thin: With the switch in the Thin position, the SÄRÖ produces an overdrive reminiscent of a Marshall Plexi.


Thick: With the switch in the Thick position, the SÄRÖ’s tone is more akin to the sounds from amps like the Marshall JCM800 and Marshall JCM900.


Gain Knob: The Gain knob controls the gain.


Soft/Hard Switch

Soft: Softens the sound of the pedal by rounding out its response. Making it sound more germanium-like.

Hard: Adds “More of everything” adding to the overall gnarliness of the pedal. 

For more information on the SÄRÖ, head over to the Leppælæ Electronics Instagram page to learn more.