Pedal Haven’s Top Pedalboards on Instagram [March 2022]

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As we make our way into April, let’s take a look back at March to check out some of the most popular pedalboards posted on the Pedal Haven Instagram account last month. 


In March 2022, the Pedal Haven Instagram account definitely had no shortage of cool pedalboards, and here is a look at the 10 most-liked pedalboards of the month. Scroll through and check them out, and be sure to go show the owners of these boards some love!


#1. @Antromalexander’s Pedalboard

1 Antromalexander

The most liked pedalboard of March 2022 is this incredible rig from @Antromalexander! Not only are these pedalboards packed with incredible pedals, but they’ve even added custom knobs on some of the pedals – which is rad! And that guitar is just….. so, so good.


If you check out the original post, you can see a few more shots of the studio where this pedalboard resides.


#2. @Santiospinamusic’s Pedalboard

2 santiospinamusic

Next up, is this sweet rig from @Santiospinamusic! This board is stacked with a number of really cool pedals. I really love the drive section of this pedalboard featuring a wide range of overdrive pedals and fuzz options. This setup rocks!


#3. @Ethan__Andrew__’s Pedalboard

In the third-place spot is this pedalboard from @Ethan__andrew__! From the Benson Preamp and the Bondi Effects Sick As overdrive to both the Julia and Julianna from Walrus Audio – this board has a lot going on! 


And those guitars are awesome too! 


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#4. @Diego.F.Munoz’s Pedalboard

4 diegofmunoz

If you’ve been following Pedal Haven on Instagram for a while, you’ve seen a board from @Diego.f.munoz before. But this latest version of their pedalboard is very cool. This board has pretty much everything you need on it, and it looks like a lot of fun! 


#5. @Cloud_Wars’s Pedalboard

5 cloud_wars

Next up, we have this interesting board from @Cloud_Wars! This board is awesome and it’s a nice refresher to see a pedalboard that features some unique pedal choices on it. Something else I hadn’t seen before is someone using that Focusrite ISA One preamp that you see sitting on the roadcase here. That looks fun!


#6. @Alexruizter’s Pedalboard

5 cloud_wars

In the sixth-place spot, we have this pedalboard from @Alexruizter! The Electro Harmonix Cathedral is one of my favorite reverb pedals, so it is really cool to see one on this board. They are also running an EHX Parallel Mixer which is a powerful utility pedal that we don’t see too often. Overall, this setup looks like a good time!


#7. @Qsocialstudio’s Pedalboard

7 qsocialstudio

Next, is this incredibly clean pedalboard from @Qsocialstudio! This is an impressive pedalboard! Not only do they have a bunch of great pedals on this board, but the build itself is meticulously laid out and very well done! 


#8. @Funkensoul’s Pedalboard

8 funkensoul

In the eighth-place spot, we have this pedalboard from @Funkensoul! If you like tightly-packed pedalboards, this one is for you! They have managed to pack eleven pedals (technically 12, because there is one of the best guitar compressor pedals, a Xotic SP Compressor, hidden underneath!) onto this small board, and they’ve done so in a way that is super neat and tidy! 


#9. @Salchi_Papi’s Pink Pedalboard

9 salchipapi

Next is @Salchi_Papi’s all-pink pedalboard. I love a pedalboard with a theme, and this rocks so much! Big shoutout to @Salchi_Papi for taking the time to source out all of these pink pedals and putting together this board.


#10. @The_Lone_Bluesboy’s Pedalboard

10 thelonebluesboy

Last but not least, we have this rig from @The_Lone_Bluesboy! This pedalboard is stacked with awesome guitar pedals, and I love the fact that they have a spot on the floor next to it for that Fuzz Face. What a cool setup! 

Thanks to everyone who submitted a pedalboard last month! There were a lot of amazing pedalboards featured on the Pedal Haven Instagram account last month, so be sure to head over there to check out the rest! And submit yours while you’re there! 🙂