zander circuitry templo

Zander Circuitry Release Templo Reverberation Engine

Essex, UK-based pedal company, Zander Circuitry, just released a massive 8-mode reverb pedal called the Templo.

zander circuitry templo

The Templo is an all-in-one reverb pedal that is packed with interesting reverb sounds, offers 5 onboard customizable presets, stereo ins and outs, can be controlled via MIDI and features expression pedal compatibility.


The Templo Reverberation Engine offers 8 different reverb modes: Four are more classic, traditional reverbs and the other four are more experimental and otherworldly. 


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Templo’s Reverb Modes


Spring/Tile – Based on spring reverbs found in classic amplifiers. 

Room/Hall – Classic room reverb 

Cave – Cavernous reverb with long decay times and optional modulation.

Solid State – Based on the MN3011 bucket-brigade delay chip found in many solid-state and analog reverbs.

Whirl – Large cathedral reverb with a four-voice chorus

Spectral – Large cathedral reverb with a lower octave and a high octave shimmer

Lo-Fi – Thin-sounding reverb with intense high pass filtering and modulation

Granular – Granular reverb with an added bitcrusher effect

Templo’s Controls

The Templo from Zander Circuitry has a lot of footswitches, knobs, and jacks but everything is fairly straightforward and easy to understand. 

zander circuitry templo manual


Engage Footswitch– Turns the effect on/off

Preset Footswitch – Change between the 5 onboard presets

Kill Dry Footswitch – Takes your dry signal out of the mix

Tap Footswitch – Tap in the length of the decay time (hold for max decay)



Decay – Adjusts the decay time of the reverb

CTRL 1 – Changes specific parameters depending on the reverb mode being used

CTRL 2 – Changes additional parameters depending on the reverb mode being used

Tone – Adjusts the EQ of the reverb

Level – Adjusts the level of the effect

Mix – Controls the wet/dry mix

1-8 Knob – Change between each of the 8 reverb algorithms



MIDI – Connect a MIDI controller

EXP – Connect an expression pedal

M IN – Mono Input

S IN – Optional Stereo Input

M Out – Mono Output

S Out – Optional Stereo Output

For more information about the Templo, check it out over on the Zander Circuitry website.