The Top 7 Best Delay Pedals for Any Guitarist

What are today’s best delay pedal options?

When it comes to guitar pedals, delay is almost always a “must have”! A delay pedal can transform the way that you play guitar. Delay pedals can be found in nearly every guitar player’s signal chain – no matter what style of music they are playing. There are all kinds of delay pedals available in today’s guitar effects market. Whether you are playing jazz, metal, or even making ambient drone music, you should pick up a delay pedal!

So what delay pedals are the best of the best? Well that depends on exactly what you want! However, we took the time to compile a list of seven of the best delay pedals!

The Top 7 Best Delay Pedals!

Caroline Kilobyte Lofi Delaycaroline kilobyteAn analog voiced delay option with a lot of options to choose from.View Price on Amazon
Boss DM-2W Delay With Waza Craftdm2w bossA newer take on an 80's favorite! This DM-2 Reissue brings back those lovely warm repeats that we all love. View Price on Amazon
Chase Bliss Audio Tonal RecallChase Bliss Audio Tonal RecallAn extremely versatile delay pedal with a large amount of delay capabilities. View Price on Amazon
Red Panda Particle DelayRed Panda ParticleA delay and pitch shifting pedal that is sure to make things weird!View Price on Amazon
MXR Carbon Copy Delaymxr carbon copy delayA very useful and affordable delay pedal option!View Price on Amazon
Line 6 DL4 Delay Modelerdl4 line 6If you want options, the DL4 has many delay options to choose from. View Price on Amazon
Strymon El Capistan dTape EchoOne of the leading tape delay pedal options. View Price on Amazon


Let’s have a more in-depth look into the current top 7 best delay pedals!

1. Caroline Kilobyte Lofi Delay

caroline kilobyte

First on our list of the best delay pedals is the Kilobyte by Caroline Guitar Company. This is a sweet lo-fi delay pedal that has the ability to cover just about any of your delay needs. If you need quick, tight slapback delays – or long, trailing delays, the Kilobyte can get the job done. This is a digital delay pedal, but it is analog-voiced; meaning it sounds like an analog delay pedal.

There are two very interesting features of the Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte: The first being that the pedal has an overdrive option to help push *just* the repeats. This means you can add another texture, and more bite to your delay’s repeats. The second interesting feature is the secondary footswitch. This footswitch causes the pedal to self-oscillate, which can create some really amazing noisescapes! This pedal can create beautiful, warm, lo-fi repeats!

Average Amazon Rating: 5/5 Stars

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2. Boss DM-2W Delay With Waza Craft

dm2w boss

If you were buying pedals back in the 80s, you have probably heard of the Boss DM-2. This was a classic Boss Delay pedal that was very well known for its warm, lush delay capabilities. However, it was discontinued back in 1984. Thankfully, this pedal was brought back into production as the DM-2W  in their WAZA CRAFT line! The DM-2W has a fully analog “bucket brigade” style delay, and has the ability to create warm, lush repeats.

The Boss DM-2W has two unique switchable modes to choose from. The first mode is the “standard” mode. This is the DM-2 sound that we all remember! Offering 20-300 milliseconds of delay time. However, the DM-2W also has a “custom” mode, which offers much more delay time (up to 800ms). The Custom option has a much more modern sound, but it still sounds amazing.

Average Amazon Rating: 5/5

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3. Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall

Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recall

If you follow the Pedal Haven Instagram account, you have probably seen a few Chase Bliss Audio Tonal Recalls. This is a widely-used delay option, that has a ton of on-board options to shape to your delay needs. With two XVIVE Bucket Brigade IC’s, this pedal can capture those rich, warm repeats that we all want from our delay pedals.

The Tonal Recall is definitely a pedal that you have to experience – it is simply too amazing to just read about! This pedal has a tap tempo option, an optional bypass with trails, external expression control options, and the ability to save and recall your favorite settings. However, most interesting might be the modulation section. This allows you to choose from three waveform options (triangle, sine, and square). This allows you to tweak your repeats into a variety of unique sounds.

Average Amazon Rating: 5/5

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4. Red Panda Particle

Red Panda Particle

Buckle your seatbelts and hold on to your hats! It is about to get weird. The Particle by Red Panda is a granular delay and pitch shifting pedal. It is not your average delay pedal, but it is so cool and weird that I had to add it to the list. This pedal shifts the way we think about delay, because it chops your signal into small, granular bits, and then modulates those bits. This creates some really trippy, unique, and unpredictable sounds.

This pedal has the ability to create some really interesting sounds, from stutter-type delays to beautiful ambient washes. With its huge collection of modulation options, this pedal is a lot of fun! This is a must have for any of weird noise-lovers!

Average Amazon Rating: 5/5

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5. MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay

mxr carbon copy delay


The Carbon Copy Analog Delay by MXR is a fantastic entry-level delay pedal for any musician. This pedal has a very standard design, does not take up too much space on a pedalboard, but houses a variety of delay options within the pedal. The Carbon Copy can create light slapback delays, or long (up to 600ms) delay trails, so it can be used in just about any genre setting.

Don’t let this pedals simplicity fool you! The Carbon Copy also has an optional modulation mode that adds an extra modulated texture to its repeats! If that is not enough, the Carbon Copy also has two internal trim pots that you can adjust to change the modulation options even more. This is a wonderful analog delay option for any musician!

Average Amazon Rating: 4.5/5

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6. Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler

dl4 line 6

The DL4 by Line 6 is an entry level delay pedal with a smorgasbord of delay voicing options. If you are looking for options, check out the DL4. With delay options like: analog delay, digital delay, reverse delay, and even tape delay, there are lot of sounds coming out of this pedal. The DL4 has the option to save 3 presets that can be recalled by pushing the footswitch that the preset was saved to. The fourth footswitch is a tap tempo footswitch so you can tap in perfectly-timed repeats.

That’s not it! This pedal also has an onboard looping option, allowing you to create 0-14 second loops. You can play these loops in real time, ½ speed, 2x speed, or reversed. This looper ability really makes the DL4 a wonderful delay pedal. If you get one of these, check out this DL4 Looper Mod guide we created!

Average Amazon Rating: 3.5/5

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7. Strymon El Capistan dTape Echo

The El Capistan by Strymon is one of the leading options in tape delay pedals. This tape delay pedal has all of the options of our favorite tape echo machines, in a compact pedalboard-friendly enclosure. With five tone-shaping knobs, you can change just about every aspect of this tape delay pedal, all the way down to how “old” you’d like the tape delay to sound. These options allow the El Capistan to create gorgeous tape-style echoes to weird, warped, and detuned type echoes.

The El Capistan brings a lot to the table. With stereo operation, and a built in spring reverb option, the El Capistan is an ambient guitarist’s best friend! The optional expression pedal option on the El Capistan means the pedal can go from zero to infinite repeats very quickly! This is a very fun delay pedal if you love vintage tape echo sounds.

Average Amazon Rating: 5/5

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These are 7 of our favorite delay pedals! What is your favorite delay pedal? Send us an email and let us know!



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