The Top Pedalboards on Instagram [July 2021]

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I wanted to dig into all of the posts from July 2021 in order to find the top, most-liked pedalboards that were featured on @PedalHaven for the month. 


So without further ado, here are the top Pedalboards featured on @PedalHaven in July 2021. 


Top Pedalboards of July 2021


#1 @EthanPerezzz’s Pedalboard

ethanperezzz pedalboard
First up, we have this incredible pedalboard from @ethanperezzz


They have done an amazing job at filling this pedalboard up with some awesome pedals. Not only do they have the Stryfecta (Strymon TimeLine, BigSky, and Mobius) on the pedalboard, but they prove they have great taste in drive pedals.


#2 @Luca.Guitars’s Pedalboard pedalboard

Up next is this pedalboard from @Luca.Guitars


It is obvious that Luca has a love for the classics. This pedalboard is packed with an awesome collection of Boss and MXR pedals accompanied by the iconic King of Tone from Analog Man and that massive Fuzz Face! 


#3 @Lukeswann1’s Pedalboard

lukeswann1 pedalboard

In third place, we have @lukeswann1’s pedalboard! 


It is not often that we see two Electro Harmonix Pitch Forks on a pedalboard, but we are totally here for it! Aside from the double Pitch Forks, Luke’s pedalboard features some awesome drive pedals and the Earthquaker Devices Data Corrupter to keep it weird! Solid sandal choice too.



#4 @Mellen.Degenerate’s Pedalboard

mellen degenerate pedalboard

Up next, we have this awesome full-rig shot from @Mellen.Degenerate


You can tell that they like to play loud. Aside from some really solid pedal choices on their pedalboard, they are rocking some killer amps and two gorgeous guitars! 


#5 @Guitardalorian’s Pedalboard

Guitardalorian pedalboard

In fifth place, we have this compact board from @Guitardalorian!


Guitardalorian has done a great job at proving you don’t need a massive pedalboard! They’ve retrofitted this tiny suitcase to fit this compact, 4-pedal rig inside of it. And you can’t go wrong with having a Centura from Ceriatone on your board. 


#6 @Merijneman’s Pedalboard

Merijneman pedalboard

Up next, we have this killer pedalboard from @Merijneman


If you’re a fan of clean pedalboards, then look no further than this board right here. They have packed a ton of pedals onto this pedalboard, but have still managed to keep it looking clean and organized. And that white Line 6 HX Stomp looks amazing!


#7 @Inmygreenhoodie’s Pedalboard

inmygreenhoodie pedalboard

Next is this monster of a pedalboard from @inmygreenhoodie!


It is hard to say anything about this board other than “WOW”. @inmygreenhoodie has managed to pack 12 amazing pedal choices onto this pedalboard. This looks like a board you could sit in front of for hours! 


#8 @Rafamota79’s Pedalboard

rafamota79 pedalboard

In the 8th spot, we have this pedalboard from @rafamota79!


From the RAT to the Archer to the TimeLine, @rafamota79 has chosen some awesome pedals for this pedalboard! I like how they were able to squeeze those BOSS pedals up top by placing them sideways on the board! 


#9 @M.Wrxght’s Pedalboard

m.wrxght pedalboard

Next up is this board from @m.wrxght

I feel like I don’t see enough Digitech Whammy pedals on boards, so I got excited to see this one! Aside from the Whammy, @m.wrxght has some incredible pedal choices here on this board!


#10 @J_Ibarra95’s Pedalboard

j_ibarra95 pedalboard

Finally, we have this beautiful pedalboard from @j_ibarra95!


Not only do they have two BOSS Digital Delays on this pedalboard, but they also have a Timmy and a Keeley Aurora on deck (two pedals I wish I had)! This board looks like such a fun time!


There you have it! The top 10 pedalboards that were posted on Pedal Haven in July 2021! Want to submit your pedalboard? Head over to the Pedal Haven Instagram account and submit your pedalboard!


If you’re interested in building your own pedalboard, here are a few helpful guides to help you choose the right pedals and set everything up on your pedalboard.