fender hammertone series pedals

Fender To Release New Line of Affordable Pedals: The Hammertone Series

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Fender just announced a new line of professional-quality, affordable guitar pedals, The Hammertone Series, coming Spring 2022.

fender hammertone series pedals

The Hammertone Series features 9 different pedals with effects ranging from fuzz and distortion to chorus and delay.

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Each pedal in the Hammertone series is quite affordable, ranging between $79-$99, making them a great choice for new and experienced players alike. Each pedal in the Hammertone series is outfitted in a sleek, pedalboard-friendly enclosure with top-mounted jacks – and they all have a nice gray hammertone finish. 


Let’s check out the pedals in Fender’s new Hammertone series. 


Hammertone Distortion

Fender Hammertone Distortion

The Hammertone Distortion from Fender is a straightforward distortion pedal that works well for nearly any style of music. The Hammertone Distortion features an active two-band EQ to dial in your tone and offers controls over both the gain and the output volume. 


Hammertone Fuzz

fender hammertone fuzz

The Hammertone Fuzz is Fender’s take on the iconic fuzz sounds of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The Hammertone Fuzz offers control over the pedal’s tone, fuzz amount, and volume – like many fuzz pedals. However, the Hammertone Fuzz has an option Octave Fuzz mode accessible via the toggle switch on the front of the pedal. 


Hammertone Delay

fender hammertone delay

Fender’s Hammertone Delay offers three different delay types (digital delay, analog delay, tape delay) and provides up to 950ms of delay with an optional modulation function accessible via the “Mod” toggle switch. The Hammertone Delay has controls to let you dial in the delay time, feedback/repeats, and the level. 

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Hammertone Space Delay

fender hammertone space delay

If ambient delay is your thing, then the Hammertone Space Delay may be what you need. The Space Delay provides analog-style saturation and tape-like warble to suit any ambient soundscape – From subtle delays to full-on oscillation. The Hammertone Space Delay gives control over the delay time, feedback, and level – but has three selectable delay patterns accessible via the “Pattern” toggle on the front of the pedal and a chorus-like modulation effect that can be activated with the “Mod” switch. 

Hammertone Overdrive

Fender hammertone overdrive

Fender’s Hammertone Overdrive is a versatile overdrive pedal with an interesting pre-gain mid boost control to help you cut through the mix. Aside from the pre-gain mid boost, the Hammertone Overdrive also features controls for Tone, Gain, and Output Level. 

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Hammertone Reverb

Fender Hammertone Reverb

It is no secret that Fender knows their way around making good reverb, and the Hammertone Reverb is Fender’s latest reverb offering. The Hammertone Reverb features three different reverb modes – hall, room, and modulated reverb. The pedal also has controls for the reverb time/decay, level, and a “Tone” toggle switch that dampens the high frequencies coupled with a dampening control to really dial in your reverb’s tone. 

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Hammertone Metal

fender hammertone metal

The Hammertone Metal is Fender’s answer to the metal genre. The Hammertone Metal provides a chunky, high-gain distortion and offers a powerful two-band EQ section to dial in your highs and lows. And, of course, it has controls for gain and volume as well. 


Hammertone Chorus

fender hammertone chorus

Fender’s Hammertone Chorus is a straightforward chorus pedal with a few awesome features. The Hammertone Chorus offers three distinct chorus types (accessible via the “Type” toggle) and the “Tone” toggle lets you control the tone of the effect to help it sit better in the mix. The Hammertone Chorus also features controls for the depth, rate, and level of the chorus effect.

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Hammertone Flanger

fender hammertone flanger

The Hammertone Flanger is Fender’s take on one of the earliest guitar effects. The Hammertone Flanger provides anything from subtle modulation to full-on jet stream flanging. The “Res” toggle switch lets you select between three different resonance settings and the “Type” switch flips between a subtle flange mode and an extreme mode. These toggles combined with the Manual, Rate, and Depth controls provide a highly-customizable flanger sound. 


For more details on Fender’s Hammertone Series, head over to the Fender website