We Got AI to Design Guitar Pedals Inspired by Popular Video Games

The world of generating art using AI is fascinating. It allows us to create stunning (and sometimes very… strange…) pieces of art by simply inputting a few descriptors – or prompts.


And naturally, as a guitar pedal fan, I asked the AI art generator, Midjourney, to create guitar pedal designs inspired by video games. And the results are incredible.


So without further ado, let’s dive into these (somewhat cursed) video game-inspired guitar pedal designs!


Dark Souls

dark souls inspired guitar pedal
Image: Pedal Haven/Midjourney

When you aren’t looking at the “YOU DIED” screen in Dark Souls, you’ll often find yourself exploring vast, challenging spaces and the occasional piece of stunning architecture. This Dark Souls-inspired guitar pedal’s artwork features what looks to be a cathedral – bringing back the mildly-traumatizing memory of seeing Anor Londo for the first time.


I’d like to think this would be a fuzz pedal.



minecraft inspired guitar pedal
Image: Pedal Haven/Midjourney

Minecraft’s endless world of blocks will both inspire your creativity and consume entire chunks of your day. Asking AI to generate a Minecraft-inspired guitar pedal spit out an honestly beautiful pedal design. I’m going to go out on a limb, or block, and say that this would be an overdrive pedal.


Animal Crossing: New Horizons

animal crossing inspired guitar pedal
Image: Pedal Haven/Midjourney

This AC:NH-inspired guitar pedal looks just as peaceful as the world of Animal Crossing. The AI made some strange choices by adding random buttons and switches all over the sides and face of the pedal, but maybe it knows something we don’t. I’d imagine this would be a Klon clone, and I hear Tom Nook is selling one at Nook’s Cranny for 500,000 bells.


Super Mario 64

super mario inspired guitar pedal
Image: Pedal Haven/Midjourney

Next up, we have a guitar pedal design inspired by Super Mario 64. Surprisingly, it was somewhat difficult to get the AI art generator to create anything that looked remotely like a Super Mario-inspired pedal design. After a few attempts and trying different prompts, it gave us this castle-adorned pedal design. Pretty neat!


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

zelda inspired guitar pedal
Image: Pedal Haven/Midjourney

Hey, Listen! Here we have quite an interesting Zelda-themed pedal design. It looks as though the AI tried to incorporate the iconic Triforce into the artwork – and it honestly looks awesome.


In my mind, this would be a delay pedal and maybe it would come with a Navi-shaped external tap tempo footswitch.



fortnite inspired guitar pedal
Image: Pedal Haven/Midjourney

This Fortnite-inspired guitar pedal design captures the design style of the game quite well. While this would make for a very cool guitar pedal (I’m thinking it would be a reverb pedal) it looks like it could be a cool Back Bling to strap onto your character in the game.


World of Warcraft

world of warcraft inspired guitar pedal
Image: Pedal Haven/Midjourney

I mean… this is obviously a distortion pedal, right?


This WoW-inspired guitar pedal design looks so gnarly and it rocks. I want it.


Spyro The Dragon

spyro the dragon inspired guitar pedal
Image: Pedal Haven/Midjourney

While I’m not entirely sure about having footswitches on the top of a pedal, this Spyro-inspired pedal is purple and does feature a dragon. This was another design that was difficult to get right. The AI seemed to lean heavily on the “dragon” side of the prompt and less so on “Spyro the Dragon”. But at the end of the day, this came out pretty cool.


Red Dead Redemption

red dead redemption guitar pedal
Image: Pedal Haven/Midjourney

This RDR-inspired pedal design really captures the old-west vibe of the game. It definitely looks like something you would see on the pedalboard of a cover band playing all the hits at the saloon.


Final Fantasy VII

ff7 inspired guitar pedal
Image: Pedal Haven/Midjourney

This Final Fantasy VII guitar pedal design came out pretty cool. While it is simple, it is somewhat reminiscent of the FF7 logo. I’d like to have it on my pedalboard!