ai generated distortion pedal

These Guitar Pedals Don’t Exist. The Extremely Cursed World of AI-Generated Guitar Pedals

AI art has taken the world by storm. And while using AI to generate art can be a bit controversial, it can lead to some incredible, mind-bending results. 


But what does it look like when AI generates a guitar pedal?


To find out, we prompted Stable Diffusion to create images for different kinds of guitar pedals (ie. “Distortion Pedal”, “Reverb Pedal”, “Overdrive Pedal”…etc…), here are the results. 


AI Generated Distortion Pedal

ai generated distortion pedal

While the name “DTOURCTION STORSTITON” is a bit of a mouthful, this looks like it would be an interesting pedal. The ¼” jacks on the face of the pedal give it a cool, experimental, Eurorack synth vibe… but what do you think they would do?


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AI Generated Overdrive Pedal

ai generated overdrive pedal

This honestly looks like a fusion between something from Strymon Engineering and Source Audio, which would make for an amazing collaboration. The “OveveOvie” overdrive looks to have a ton of tone-shaping controls on the front of the pedal. It is nice to know that even AI cares about tone. However, it does not seem to care about footswitch space! 


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AI Generated Reverb Pedal

ai generated reverb pedal

The FOBIR reverb from Potill Pedals seems like it would be a simple, yet powerful reverb pedal! That said, it is definitely not the best-looking pedal in the bunch.


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AI Generated Delay Pedal

ai generated delay pedal

This retro-futuristic delay pedal is quite minimalistic. I do like the idea of having an LCD screen on the front of a pedal – perhaps this would display the milliseconds of the delay. It also seems to have stereo ins and outs! It is nice to see that even AI-generated pedals are keeping up with the demands.


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AI Generated Chorus Pedal

ai generated chorus pedal

The “Chro” is a two-knob chorus pedal in a somewhat strange enclosure! Overall, it looks quite simple! I’d guess the two knobs control the “rate” and “depth” of the chorus effect! 


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I always say the world of guitar pedals is a vast, endless sea – but with the help of AI, it truly is never-ending! Maybe one day some of these pedals will actually exist! 



All photos were generated by Stable Diffusion.