The Best Fuzz Pedals

This post may contain affiliate links The fuzz pedal world is endless. Whether you are seeking out that loud, wall-of-sound guitar tone from the likes of My Bloody Valentine or you’re wanting your guitar solos to scream like those of Jimi Hendrix – a fuzz pedal can get you there.    There are countless amounts […]

wampler pedals collective series pedals

Wampler Pedals Launch Budget Friendly “Collective Series” Pedals: Triumph Overdrive and Phenom Distortion

This post may contain affiliate links With their iconic Klon Centaur clone, the Tumnus, and a myriad of incredible amp-in-a-box pedals in their arsenal, Wampler Pedals is no secret to the guitar pedal world.    But the team at Wampler has just launched a new series of budget-friendly guitar pedals named the Collective Series. To […]