The United States of Guitar Pedals: Each State’s Favorite Pedal Company

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We all have our own personal favorite pedal companies.

But what is each state’s most popular guitar pedal brand?

By analyzing Google search data, Pedal Haven uncovered each state’s most popular guitar pedal company. 

First, we compiled an extensive list of guitar pedal companies, both big and small. To formulate this list, we gathered pedal companies from our “Most Popular Pedals of 2021” and our “Most Popular Pedals of 2020” studies,’s best-selling pedals lists, and a number of suggestions from friends (shoutout to Ryan @GearFever and Matt @GuitarsForIdiots). Then we gathered state-level search volumes for each of the pedal companies. Finally, we were able to analyze the data to uncover each state’s overall most-searched pedal company and each state’s most uniquely popular* pedal brand.


*Uniquely Popular meaning the company is searched more, on average, in that specific state than it is in the rest of the U.S.


Each State’s Most Uniquely Popular Guitar Pedal Company

We all love searching for our next guitar pedal purchase. But guitar pedal enthusiasts in some states are searching for certain pedal brands at a higher rate than the rest of the U.S.

By comparing how much a pedal brand is searched for in a specific state against how much that brand is searched nationwide, we were able to find each state’s most uniquely popular pedal company.

The Most Uniquely Popular Pedal Company in Each U.S. State

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Each State’s Most Searched Pedal Company, Overall

Now that we know the most uniquely famous pedal brand in each state, let’s dive into what pedal companies are flat-out the most searched for around the U.S. As it turns out, we all love the same three pedal companies.

You’ll immediately see the map below is dominated by Electro Harmonix. In fact, they are the most-searched-for pedal company in 28 states. Although they are followed closely by Strymon – the most-searched in 14 states – and TC Electronic in the remaining 9 states.

Each state's most searched for guitar pedal company map

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The Top 10 Most Searched For Guitar Pedal Companies in America

As the map above illustrates, EHX, Strymon, and TC Electronic are the favorites across the U.S. But by totaling the search volume for each company across all states we can see the top 10 most-searched-for pedal companies in the United States, overall.

top 10 most searched for guitar pedal brands in the united states


Each State’s Most Uniquely Popular Guitar Pedal Company

Alabama – Walrus Audio

Alabama’s most uniquely popular pedal company is Walrus Audio – the makers of one of my all-time favorite reverb pedals, the Slö Multi Texture Reverb.


Alaska – 29 Pedals

Alaskans must be big fans of great tone, because 29 Pedals, the makers of the ever-so-loved Euna input driver, is the most uniquely popular company in the state.


Arizona – Xotic Effects

Guitar players in Arizona are big fans of the mini-pedal giants, Xotic Effects, who make some fantastic boost pedals and compressor pedals.


Arkansas – Bondi Effects

Arkansas must have good taste, because Bondi Effects, makers of the iconic Sick As overdrive pedal, is their #1 most uniquely popular pedal company.


California – Strymon

Not only is Strymon the 2nd most-searched pedal brand overall, but it is the #1 most uniquely popular pedal brand in the state. Californians must love delay pedals because the Strymon TimeLine is one of our top picks for the best delay pedals.


Colorado – Chase Bliss

Perhaps Colorado’s beautiful and expansive landscape plays into their love for Chase Bliss’s beautiful and expansive pedal designs. I’m not sure, but Chase Bliss took the #1 spot as the most uniquely popular pedal company in Colorado.



Connecticut – Fairfield Circuitry

Fairfield Circuitry makes some incredible pedals, like the Shallow Water K-Field Modulator and the ~900 Fuzz, and folks in Connecticut are big fans!


Delaware – GFI System

Delaware’s pedal nerds must be into great pedals because GFI System is the most uniquely popular brand in the state.



Florida – ZVEX

Floridians must love good fuzz pedals as much as they love sunshine because ZVEX Effects – makers of the iconic Fuzz Factory – is ranked #1 in the state.


Georgia – Caroline Guitar Company

Pedal enthusiasts in Georgia are big fans of Caroline Guitar Company. This makes sense because, with the CROM, Hawaiian Pizza, and the MÉTÉORE, Caroline Guitar Company has an absolutely stacked roster of pedals.


Hawaii – Universal Audio

Guitar players in Hawaii search for Universal Audio pedals more than they search for any other brand.


Idaho – Meris

It turns out that Meris is the most uniquely popular pedal brand in the state of Idaho! However, I’d guess 75% of those searches are coming from me as I’m constantly digitally window-shopping for Meris pedals.


Illinois – Empress Effects

Deep dish pizza and reverb pedals with “Beer” settings – is there a better match? Empress takes the win as Illinois’ most sought-after pedal company.

Seriously, check out the Empress Reverb, it has a “Beer” setting.


Indiana – Wampler Pedals

Indiana guitarists are keeping it local! Their favorite brand is the incredible, Indiana-based Wampler Pedals! If you didn’t know, Wampler Pedals make an overdrive pedal called the Tumnus and it’s a seriously awesome Klon clone that you should check out.

Iowa – Earthquaker Devices

Before conducting this study, one of the only things I knew about Iowa is that Slipknot is from there. But now I know they also have amazing taste in guitar pedals because Earthquaker Devices is their most uniquely popular pedal company!


Kansas – Browne Amplification

Browne Amplification’s Protein overdrive pedal has taken over the guitar pedal world, and it turns out that folks in Kansas are very interested in Browne Amplification’s pedals.


Kentucky – MXR

Guitarists in Kentucky are keeping it classic! Their favorite pedal company is MXR!


Louisiana – Gamechanger Audio

Louisiana-based pedal fanatics must love getting weird because Gamechanger Audio is their most uniquely sought-after pedal company.

But even if you aren’t in Louisiana, you should check out Gamechanger Audio – they make some of the coolest and weirdest pedals out there. To start, check out the Plasma distortion – which made our list of the coolest weird guitar pedals.


Maine – Electro Harmonix

Maine loves the classics! EHX is a staple in the pedal industry and the most uniquely popular pedal company in Maine!


Maryland – Fairfield Circuitry

Fairfield Circuitry is Maryland’s most sought-after guitar pedal company. In fact, Fairfield Circuitry is searched for 22% more in Maryland than it is across the rest of the United States.


Massachusetts – Electronic Audio Experiments

Massachusetts is the biggest fan of Massachusetts-based Electronic Audio Experiments.


Michigan – Mooer Audio

Michigan-based pedal nerds must love getting the most bang for their buck because Mooer Audio’s budget-friendly pedals are the most sought-out in the state!



Minnesota – Chase Bliss

Another local winner is Minnesota-based, Chase Bliss. Chase Bliss has made a name for itself around the world, but its pedals are the most searched-for in Minnesota!


Mississippi – Jackson Audio

Jackson Audio’s sleek pedal designs, like the Optimist, the Golden Boy, and the Prism, have struck a chord with pedal enthusiasts in Mississippi because Jackson Audio is the most uniquely popular brand in the state.


Missouri – JHS Pedals

Kansas City-based pedal legends, JHS Pedals, are the most searched in their home state! JHS Pedals make a number of awesome pedals, but their Packrat distortion made our list of the best ProCo RAT clones.



Montana – Gamechanger Audio

Montana-based pedal fans love the wacky, yet incredible pedal designs from Gamechanger Audio.


Nebraska – Smallsound/Bigsound

People in Nebraska are big fans of Smallsound/Bigsound’s pedals.


Nevada – Caroline Guitar Company

Caroline Guitar Company is the most uniquely popular pedal company in Nevada!


New Hampshire – Source Audio

Source Audio has an entire lineup of incredible guitar pedals, and people in New Hampshire really love them. In fact, on average, folks in New Hampshire search for Source Audio pedals 22.8% more than they do for any other pedal company.


New Jersey – Cornerstone Music Gear

Cornerstone Music Gear’s Gladio double preamp has made waves in the pedal world, and guitarists in New Jersey are among the biggest fans.


New Mexico – Smallsound/Bigsound

New Mexico Pedal nerds are always looking for Smallsound/Bigsound pedals. SS/BS is the most uniquely popular pedal company in the entirety of the state’s search history.


New York – Death By Audio

New York’s very own pedal company, Death By Audio, is the most uniquely popular pedal brand in the state!



North Carolina – Empress Effects

Empress Effects is the most uniquely sought-after pedal company in North Carolina’s gear community.


North Dakota – Hologram Electronics

North Dakota pedal fans have great taste, because the makers of the iconic Microcosm, Hologram Electronics, are the most uniquely popular company in the state.


Ohio – Electronic Audio Experiments

EAE is not just a favorite among Massachusetts pedal fans. Electronic Audio Experiments is also the most uniquely sought-out pedal company in the state of Ohio.


Oklahoma – Keeley Electronics

Oklahoma-based, Keeley Electronics, is the most uniquely popular pedal company in their home state! And when it comes to awesome compressor pedals, the Keeley Compressor+ is an amazing choice.



Oregon – Benson Amps

Oregon’s very own Benson Amps is the most uniquely popular company in the state! Benson Amps make a variety of awesome amplifiers, but they also have some amazing pedals, like their innovative fuzz pedal, the Germanium Fuzz.


Pennsylvania – Wampler Pedals

Wampler Pedals is a favorite among Pennsylvania’s pedal community! Wampler makes a ton of awesome amp-in-a-box pedals if you’re in need of some amp-like drive tones.


Rhode Island – GFI System

Rhode Island is a tiny state with a big appetite for awesome guitar pedals, and GFI System’s lineup of pedals takes the crown for Rhode Island’s most uniquely sought-after pedals.


South Carolina – MXR

South Carolina-based guitar players are big fans of MXR!


South Dakota – Browne Amplification

Browne Amplification is South Dakota’s most uniquely popular pedal company. Browne Amplification is searched, on average, 64% more in SD than in the rest of the U.S.


Tennessee – Cornerstone Music Gear

Tennessee is no stranger to good guitar tones, and Cornerstone Music Gear is among the most sought-out pedal companies in the state!


Texas – Bondi Effects

Texas gear nerds are among the biggest fans of Bondi Effects!


Utah – 29 Pedals

Utah guitar players are among 29 Pedals’ biggest fans. Maybe they’re all searching for that new FLWR drive pedal!


Vermont – Electro Harmonix

People in Vermont are fans of the classics! Guitar pedal pioneers, Electro Harmonix, are the most uniquely popular pedal company in the state’s search history.


Virginia – Jackson Audio

Jackson Audio is a favorite among Virginia’s pedal community!


Washington – Universal Audio

When it comes to guitar pedals, people in Washington are searching for Universal Audio more than any other state across the U.S.


Washington D.C. – Source Audio

Washington D.C. is among the biggest Source Audio fans across the nation.


West Virginia – Digitech Pedals

Digitech Pedals is West Virginia’s most uniquely popular company. Digitech is searched for 39% more, on average, in West Virginia than it is across the rest of the nation.

Wisconsin – Meris

Meris has an incredible roster of pedals, and they have become a hit among pedal enthusiasts in Wisconsin. Meris is the most uniquely popular pedal company in the state’s Google searches!


Wyoming – Hologram Electronics

Hologram Electronics is Wyoming’s most uniquely sought-after pedal company.



Here’s a breakdown of each state’s most uniquely popular pedal company and their most searched pedal brand overall.

State Most Searched (Overall) Most Uniquely Popular
Alabama TC Electronic Walrus Audio
Alaska Electro Harmonix 29 Pedals
Arizona TC Electronic Xotic Effects
Arkansas Electro Harmonix Bondi Effects
California Strymon Strymon
Colorado Strymon Chase Bliss
Connecticut Electro Harmonix Fairfield Circuitry
Delaware TC Electronic GFI System
Florida Strymon ZVEX
Georgia TC Electronic Caroline Guitar Company
Hawaii TC Electronic Universal Audio
Idaho Electro Harmonix Meris
Illinois Strymon Empress Effects
Indiana Electro Harmonix Wampler Pedals
Iowa Electro Harmonix Earthquaker Devices
Kansas Electro Harmonix Browne Amplification
Kentucky Electro Harmonix MXR
Louisiana Electro Harmonix Gamechanger Audio
Maine Electro Harmonix Electro Harmonix
Maryland TC Electronic Fairfield Circuitry
Massachusetts Strymon
Electronic Audio Experiments
Michigan TC Electronic Mooer Audio
Minnesota Electro Harmonix Chase Bliss
Mississippi Electro Harmonix Jackson Audio
Missouri Electro Harmonix JHS Pedals
Montana Electro Harmonix Gamechanger Audio
Nebraska Electro Harmonix SmallSound BigSound
Nevada TC Electronic Caroline Guitar Company
New Hampshire Electro Harmonix Source Audio
New Jersey TC Electronic Cornerstone Music Gear
New Mexico Electro Harmonix SmallSound BigSound
New York Strymon Death By Audio
North Carolina Strymon Empress Effects
North Dakota Electro Harmonix Hologram Electronics
Ohio Strymon
Electronic Audio Experiments
Oklahoma Electro Harmonix Keeley Electronics
Oregon Strymon Benson Amps
Pennsylvania Strymon Wampler Pedals
Rhode Island Electro Harmonix GFI System
South Carolina Electro Harmonix MXR
South Dakota Electro Harmonix Browne Amplification
Tennessee Strymon Cornerstone Music Gear
Texas Strymon Bondi Effects
Utah Electro Harmonix 29 Pedals
Vermont Electro Harmonix Electro Harmonix
Virginia Strymon Jackson Audio
Washington Strymon Universal Audio
Washington D.C. Electro Harmonix Source Audio
West Virginia Electro Harmonix Digitech
Wisconsin Electro Harmonix Meris
Wyoming Electro Harmonix Hologram Electronics


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